Novi Community School District
                                                          New Student Enrollment Information

Welcome to the Novi Community School District

We are so happy you are joining us and we can’t wait to meet you. Your child is about to begin an exciting educational adventure! The Novi Community School District strives for all our students to be well rounded critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, respectful, have a global perspective, and explorers of their communities. Our parents, staff, and the community are partners in the educational success of our students and hold the District to high standards for each and every student to achieve their personal best. As always, our website is a great resource to learn additional information. 

What is Pre-Enrollment?

The online Pre-Enrollment process is designed as the first step in the journey to your student's educational career in the Novi Community School District. Completing the Pre-Enrollment process gathers basic student information. Once all student information is collected during Pre-Enrollment, you will be required to visit the Novi Communivy Schools Central Enrollment Office to complete the enrollment process by providing appropriate documentation. 

Completing the Online Pre-Enrollment Application does NOT enroll your student! 

Enrollment Process:
  • Parent/Guardian completes the MISTAR pre-enrollment process.  Assistance is available as needed, during normal business hours, by calling the Novi Community Education Office at 248-675-3400.
  • Once the pre-enrollment has been completed online, Parent/Guardian must contact the Community Education Department by phone (248)675-3400 to make an appointment to enroll their student(s).
  • All the required documents (see below), are submitted at your scheduled enrollment appointment with the Community Education Department.
  • Parents/Guardians of students in grades 7-12 will be directed to set up a meeting with a counselor to schedule classes. A current transcript and/or report card is also required for secondary students in order to schedule classes.

The following information must be provided by the parent/guardian at the time of enrollment.
  1. Identification - Photo I.D., such as a driver's license, state I.D., or passport of parent, step-parent, or legal guardian.  Driver's license or state I.D. must show the current address.
  2. Proof of Residency -  Three (3) current proofs, one from Column I, and two from Column II, in the name and address of parent, step-parent, or legal guardian.  If you receive your statement/bills online, you must print your most recent statement/bill and bring the printed copy with you to your appointment.
                                 Column I              
                           one (1) required                               
                                  Column II
                             two (2) required                                    
    Mortgage Document Utility Bill - Gas, electric, phone, etc
    Property Tax Statement - (most recent) Automobile, homeowners/renters insurance document                 
    Closing Papers
    Accepted only if you've moved into your house with the past 30 days               
    Bank Statement or Credit Card Statement
    Accepted Purchase Agreement
    Signed by all parties with closing date indicated                                       
    Medical bill or health insurance statement
    Lease - Apartment/Home Rental
    All tenants and occupant's names, including lease beginning/ending dates,
    must be on lease.  Lease must be signed by both landlord and tenant.
    Cable TV Bill

  3. Birth Certificate - Student's original certified birth certificate with a raised seal of authenticity, as required by law. A birth certificate from the hospital signed by the physican is not acceptable.
  4. Immunization Records
  5.  Vision Screening Form (Kindergarten Only)
Please see below for additional documentation that may be required.
  • Not a United States Citizen - Must present passport of parent/legal guardian as well as passport of the student. 
  • Proof of Guardianship - If the student is not living with either parent, proof of full guardianship from the Probate Court must be submitted.
  • Custody Documents - A court document showing custody must be provided for any student living with only one biological parent under a court decree.  A parent who wishes to have the school limit access to a child by a former spouse must provide legal documentation confirming the restriction.  The school cannot and will not deny a natural parent access to his/her child without the proper legal documentation on file.
  • IEP - If a student is receiving special education services, please bring a copy of current IEP or 504 plan.